What is a Bid Day Gift? 

A Bid Day Gift is a special surprise sent to any girl who is participating in recruitment at Auburn University. You can buy her a Bid Day Gift to be picked up on campus on Bid Day! We have packages ranging from $50-$200 full of great gifts. She will be so excited to be decked out in her new letters within hours of joining her new sorority! 

How do I order a Bid Day Gift?

All orders can be placed online by following a few easy steps! Don't forget to include all of your information when checking out so that we can reach you or the student receiving the gift on Bid Day!

When will be card be charged?

Your card will be charged once your check out process is complete. You will automatically receive a confirmation email. 

Can I use an online discount for the bid day preorder site?

No. Wrapsody discount codes are NOT valid on our bid day preorder form. 

What does the package look like?

Each package is wrapped in a white box with a bow that coordinates with the sorority color!

What if my student does not receive a bid or chooses not to accept a bid?

If for some reason your rushee does not get a bid on Bid Day, your card will be refunded within 10 business days after Bid Day. This is an automatic process, so no need to notify us.  If you do not receive your refund within 10 business days, please call us at 334-887-7447.

If your daughter gets a bid and does NOT accept it, you have 7 business days to let us know for a full refund to be issued. Any boxes/items brought back after this deadline will be eligible for a store credit only.

What if my student needs to exchange an item in a Bid Day package?

If any items need to be exchanged, the student will have until the Tuesday after Labor Day, September 3rd, to exchange the item. All packages must be picked up by Saturday, August 24th.

When will my student’s package be available for pickup?

Bid Day orders must be placed by 12 PM (NOON) CDT, Friday, August 16th to ensure availability for store pick-up on Bid Day weekend. After bids are issued, a text and email will go out to the recipient (or the included pickup contact) notifying them of the gift and what time they are able to pick-up! 

Pickup time is from 2:15 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. CDT. Our highest volume pickup time is between 3 p.m. - 5 p.m., so please plan accordingly! 

Pickup location is at the back of Wrapsody of Auburn (112 N. College St). Look for the tents and signs directing you to our pickup spot. Curbside pickup is not an option, you must come to the tent for in-person pickup. 

What if you run out of an item?

If we happen to run out of an item, we provide the student with a gift certificate for that particular item. Once we have received a restock of the item, we will immediately notify the student to come pick up the item she did not receive in her Bid Day package. Restock shipments typically arrive about 3 weeks after Bid Day. 

How do you know which sorority she joined?

We receive the top-secret list in the early morning hours of Bid Day. Please know that even though you are ordering a generic Bid Day package, we will fill your student’s package with the correct sorority items! 

When should I order?

Now! No really, the sooner the better!