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Atmosphere Book

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Jim Howard creates luxe yet comfortable homes for sophisticated clients around the country. His design work is known for the sort of evocative atmosphere that characterizes the world’s great spaces. This book is a dramatic, colorful, elegant celebration of his interior design, of the homes and rooms he has created.

“Atmosphere” is the magic of a place, the embodiment of all its power to capture your attention and embrace you—some might call it the “wow factor.”

He writes in this introduction, “Atmosphere is the magic that an entire residence can have when it is beautifully designed—the complex murmur of mood and undercurrent of refinement in a lovely setting. It embodies the power a place has to capture your attention and please your senses, embracing you and making your eyes dance around your surroundings.”

Jim’s meticulous attention to architectural detailing and his lavish application of color, texture, and pattern are hallmarks of his style. Schooled in design at Parsons in New York, Jim developed a passion for both classical and modern elements of design and decoration early in his career. His architectural detailing, coupled with his understanding of furniture style and function enables him to effortlessly create extraordinary and timeless residences for his clients.

But even as it excites, atmosphere also soothes, offering an overall feeling of well-being and calm. Howard wrote this book to convey all he has learned about crafting atmosphere at home, wherever that home may be, whatever aesthetic it might have. Doing so isn’t just a matter of rules or formulas; it is a science as much as an art, which Jim shares in a dozen captivating chapters.

For everyone interested in the modern art of interior design, searching for ideas for their home, or who just admires beautiful design and beautiful rooms, this book will be an oversized, beauty-filled addition to their coffee table.