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Dryer Balls Wool Set/3

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This 3 pack of wool dryer balls is an eco-friendly solution for drying your laundry. They help dry laundry faster and can be reused up to 1000 times.

Product Details

  • One pack has 3 dryer balls
  • Made from New Zealand wool
  • Biodegradable and compostable (check local compost rules)

How to Use

Toss all three into the dyer along with wet laundry.  For even faster drying of larger loads, use more wool balls.  If using fragrance oil, remove dryer balls before the load is fully dry, add the amount of oil that suits your scent preference, and return to the dyer, finishing the cycle with 15 minutes on low heat.   

How to Care for Dryer Balls

To keep them working their best, periodically recharge your wool dryer balls (every 100 loads or so) to rehydrate them and remove accumulated lint and fibers.  Place in a mesh bag or just toss them freely in with a few towels or other items on the gentle wash cycle using hot water.  Dry using high heat.