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  • Foot Mask Best Foot Forward Bath & Body in  at Wrapsody
  • Foot Mask Best Foot Forward Bath & Body in  at Wrapsody
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Foot Mask Best Foot Forward

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This innovative foot mask uses self-warming technology to provide a luxurious spa experience in the comfort of your own home. Best Foot Forward Mask locks in your natural body heat to allow the coconut-infused formula inside to better penetrate the skin. The result is deeply moisturized feet that feel soft, smooth, and revitalized. 

Tip: Wrapping your feet in a warm towel or using a heating pad can enhance the benefits of the Best Foot Forward Mask. The warmth can help to open up your pores, allowing the nourishing ingredients in the mask to penetrate more deeply into your skin. This can help to boost hydration and improve the overall effectiveness of the mask. 

How to Use:  Open sachet, unfold booties, and apply to clean, dry feet. Seal around ankle with attached sticker and relax for 10 minutes or longer if desired. Remove and discard booties, and massage the remaining cream into skin. There is no need to rinse. 

Main Ingredients: Shea butter (maximum moisture), Coconut oil (renews skin), and Japanese evergreen extracts (soothing and antioxidant properties)